Monitoring the Logic Switch


Is there such thing as being too skeptical? Too logical? At what point does our use of logic prevent us from being happy?

We’ve all heard “ignorance is bliss.” Many of us would rather have a better grasp on reality than to be happy. As skeptics, our desires to question everything brings us closer to reality. Those little gold nuggets of truth bring us thrill, joy, and excitement. Though, can we find reasoning in everything? Is love logical? Or beauty? Art?

I’d say, No, of course not.

Intuition and emotions are really tricky. They can cloud our ability to make logical decisions, but maybe they aren’t useless. In science, we admit how unreliable humans are at accurately handling data so we follow the scientific method and peer review process to rise above our natural tendencies to be biased, incorrectly predicting odds, believing memory over fact, and countless more. But maybe, the key to finding that balance between logic and happiness is to know when it is more appropriate to use reasoning or to just enjoy imagination, emotion, and simply not making any sense at all.

Every once and a while, try turning off that Logic Switch. Float on your back in the ocean and pretend it is alive. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sinking into your bed with every exhale. Literally try to hear whispers in the wind. Explore these human experiences of spirituality (or the feeling of it).

…Just make sure to turn that switch back on when you’re done.


Photo Credit: Nattu, “Relaxing in Maldives,”  June 7, 2008

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